The Bizaline story

About us

Bizaline is a software and consultancy company of bright minds based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Our team is dedicated to improving the change processes of corporations and governments.

We are a team that loves, lives and believes in effective change. We have a collective half century of experience in strategy consulting, business planning, bid reviewing and software developing. We work only according to evidence-based quality management principles, including Scrum, EFQM, OGSM and PRINCE2. To make this all happen we have developed a unique software solution to deal with the complexity of change management.

Managing partners

Bizaline was founded by Antoinette Wieman and Edward van der Kolk.

Antoinette Wieman


Antoinette is specialised in strategy execution was a co-founder of Abellio Group. As marketing director and non-executive member of the Board of Directors, Wieman guided Abellio’s growth from a small start-up to an internationally operating public transport giant, with a revenue of over 2 billion EUR.

Edward van der Kolk


Edward worked as Enterprise IT architect at Rabobank International. As a strategic consultant, he reviewed and advised on the business planning and strategic direction of several large corporations.