The Bizaline story

What we do

Bizaline is a software development and consultancy business in Utrecht: a small, close-knit team that helps organizations effectively realize the profound changes that today's digital revolution demands.

We believe that teams are happier and more effective when it's visible to them how they add value each and every day. We believe that teams are more committed and deliver better results when they are involved in goal-setting and planning. And we believe that organizations should have a clear understanding of which changes will contribute most to their goals, so that  they're able to focus on those things that make the difference.

That might all sound perfectly sensible, but leaders know how difficult it is to bring into practice. As creatures of habit, we're prone to old patterns. And many organizations lack the tools to stay the course in the midst of large-scale transformation. The consequences? Expensive advisory reports which end up forgotten on a shelf; endless Excel reporting cycles distracting from long-term objectives; and paper 'innovation' that fails to create real value.
Bizaline stands for something different. We provide guidance for change from the first brainstorms to the final delivery, using a unique method and software that allows our clients:

  • Generate a bespoke, clear, visually attractive overview of your entire organisation's transition plan - including goals, strategies, KPIs and projects;
  • Identify and communicate the contribution of each project and programme to the organisation's ambitions;
  • Do some spring cleaning for your organisation: identify and abandon underperforming and unrelated projects, while shifting focus to the most effective ones;
  • Use the easy drag-drop system to help restructure and streamline your projects & programmes: underlying data will migrate automatically.
  • Download and print your goal tree in PDF form alongside a single-page progress report on all currently running projects.

Bizaline helps you manage your complex programmes successfully, keeping control of your strategy by rendering your results transparent at every turn. 

Who we are

"We (Antoinette and Edward) met in 2015, and immediately understood that we could complement each other professionally. Edward had developed software with a small team, which he wanted to use to manage complex projects. Antoinette, meanwhile, had founded a consultancy business and saw her clients struggle to improve the quality of their bids and change programmes. It was clear to us that software could help her clients realise their strategic goals more effectively.
We decided to go on together, and as we expanded over the years, we attracted a young and talented team, based in Utrecht. The development of our software remains a huge priority; while licenses have been sold since 2016, the official launch took place in September 2018. Since then, we've been expanding our network of consulting partners, who extend our software to their clients as part of their services."

Managing partners

Bizaline was founded by Antoinette Wieman and Edward van der Kolk.

Antoinette Wieman


"After my Business Management degree, I started my career at the Dutch Railways. From 2000 onwards, I worked at the predecessor of Abellio Group, with the aim of winning and operating public transport concessions beyond the Netherlands. With a small group of people, we built this business from its foundations. As Marketing Director, my role was to win and take over large concessions. By the time I left London in 2013, the company had a turnover of more than 2 billion euros.
As an advisor, what I enjoy most is the challenge of redesigning an organisation's narrative from the ground up. Where are we headed, and why? What distinguishes us? How can we improve our strategy? I like to build lasting relationships with my clients and to be involved for multiple years, guiding the strategic execution and the continuous improvement process. I encourage my clients to invest in a strong strategic framework, to make bold choices. With courage, you can truly transform an organisation in a matter of a few years."

Edward van der Kolk


"I was born in Australia to Dutch emigrant parents. There, I studied Business and Computer Science. I came to the Netherlands in 1998, where I met my wife and decided to stay. I worked as IT architect, business analyst and strategic advisor for banks and insurance companies (Nationale Nederlanden, ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank). In 2009, I began building my own software to deliver my projects in a controlled fashion. This software became the basis for Bizaline.
Digitalization offers opportunities for all organisations: you can operate much more dynamically when you have a real-time understanding of your performance. Our software is designed to implement change in organisations. My strength is to get at the heart of extremely complex environments: formulate clear goals and strategies, and offer an IT architecture that helps you keep control of execution. Delivering results that benefit society as a whole is a really important drive for me."