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OGSM, scenario planning

OGSM and scenario planning

September 2, 2020

“You can imagine that our market has changed completely in the past few months. Many of our clients' priorities have shifted radically. Despite that, our OGSM strategic plans have remained unchanged.”

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OGSM software, 3 pitfalls

Rage Against the Machine

August 24, 2020

Implementing software can be a psychological challenge. This blog offers keys to overcoming resistance using Krauthammer's model: can they do it? Do they want it? Do they see the point?

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strategic planning, OGSM, timemanagement

Planning for your rocks and sand

August 21, 2020

We're often too busy solving our everyday problems to focus on long-term strategic planning. That's a problem many of our clients struggle with. This blog offers some tips.

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