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Reporting as a Service: your intelligent virtual assistant

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On paper, software can have many advantages. But implementation can be a tough nut to crack.

Many of our clients have a positive view of the outcomes we can offer with our monitoring software. However, they're often hesitant to progress to implementation in their own organizations. This is often viewed as complex and prone to cost overruns; besides, software rarely falls squarely within their field of interest. Many of our clients deal with multiple external stakeholders who report on progress in various ways. If that means all this data has to be manually entered into the software, that could easily wipe out the expected time savings.

Plenty of reasons, you might think, to not even start.

That's why we offer our RaaS solution – Reporting as a Service.

Step 1: Submit your plan

First, share your business plan with us - in a goal tree or OGSM format, for example. Next, tell us how you want your monthly, quarterly or annual reports to look. What data do you want access to? At what frequency? And who is tasked with submitting the data? Our reports are based on Excel, so that you remain flexible throughout the strategic execution. It's easy to add, remove or replace goals and initiatives as you go.

Step 2: Answer the e-mails

Bizaline will process all your information and activate the reporting service. Our software will then send automated e-mails with queries about progress, delivered results or realized impact. The owners of projects or KPIs don't have to log in anywhere or learn anything about the software; simply answering the e-mails suffices.

Step 3: Download and share your reports

You can download and edit the reports with the submitted data at any time. You can also receive an overview by e-mail of those KPI owners who have not yet submitted the most recent results. This way, you will always be up to date on the status of progress reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost us?

  • Subscription (monthly): €80
  • Input business plan (one-time): €1500
  • Creation of reporting templates (one-time): ±€1800*
    • Progress report
    • Impact on goals

*Based on prior experiences

How long does the implementation take?
A demo takes approximately two hours. In that time, we can show you how Reporting as a Service could work for your organization.

From experience, we know it takes about three months for everyone to get used to the new approach.

Of course, we'll help you get started smoothly. Our rapid-response team is ready to assist you.

What if it doesn't work for us?
If you decide within the implementation period of three months that our Reporting as a Service solution isn't right for you, we will waive the subscription fees of the service.

The data submitted to the software will be downloaded in an Excel database and sent to you, so nothing will be lost.

What can we expect from RaaS?

  • Ready for an audit at all times: every contribution is fully traceable, and your reports will be transparent and completely accurate.
  • Save time chasing people for data and manually fashioning progress reports.
  • Strengthen the competences of your team and enhance your effectiveness with Bizaline's strategic support.
  • Attractive reports yield more contributions and enthusiasm from stakeholders.
  • Proud and motivated teams!

Our additional services

Goal Tree
Based on your outline of a business plan or programme, we can help you create your Goal Tree. Or improve it by asking challenging questions. Are your goals linked to your organization's vision? Is the impact of your initiatives measurable? Are the initiatives clearly defined and do they form a coherent whole? Developing a schematic Goal Tree can yield powerful new insights and avenues for improvement.

Selecting impactful initiatives
We help teams evaluate the effectiveness and feasibility of your running or proposed initiatives. To do this, we've developed a model that can be applied specifically to your projects or programmes. Together, we select those factors that affect the feasibility and effectiveness of your initiatives. Next, we score the initiatives and create a visual representation of those most likely to bear fruit. This is a useful process to evaluate which initiatives are best laid aside for the moment, and which should receive your full focus. It's an exercise worth repeating periodically, because your environment is constantly changing.

Creating a (project) initiation document
We help organizations work effectively on a project basis by teaching them what minimal information should be registered and tracked upon the start of a new initiative, and why.

Resource assessment
When you start a new program or business plan, it's important to ensure you have sufficient capacity to execute all initiatives. Using our software, we can quickly visualize which team members are overburdened and when - and who still has time to spare.

A realistic planning
Bizaline can give you a visual overview of your total planning (in a Gantt chart), including interdependencies and the critical path. This way, you can evaluate quickly whether the planning is realistic and which initiatives are essential to staying on schedule.

Adjustment on the go
Once you've embarked on the execution of your plans, it's important to check regularly whether you're on the right path. How often do you adjust course? We will help you evaluate throughout the execution process and propose adjustments to enhance the effectiveness of your plans.

Online training
We offer regular training sessions on programme management and OGSM strategic execution. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter below to keep posted!


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