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Casestudy: Veenendaal

Running a programme with a variety of stakeholders: how do you keep track of your progress and effects?

The Dutch city of Veenendaal has initiated three programmes for which a range of different provinces, institutions and companies contribute time and money. These programmes are:

  • Programme Energy Neutral 2035
  • Programme ICT campus to turn Veenendaal into the national IT center for Food and Food-related Health and Tech in 2025
  • Programma Vital Shopping City

Using the Bizaline software, they've been tracking their efforts and results since 2017 through a digital Goal Tree.

"The important value that monitoring has for us is the clear accountability to the city council. The goal tree makes it easy to communicate. You can see when the effects are insufficient and where extra things need to happen. And you can show whether your results and the investments are balanced appropriately."
Anne Westhof, programme manager

The Bizaline software can send automated progress update requests through a simple e-mail template. Stakeholders can also upload Excel templates to update multiple KPIs at once.

This way, all stakeholders can indicate how many hours and which funds were invested over the course of a month or quarter and what the realised results and effects are. The software is cloud-based, so anyone with the necessary access rights can print up-to-date (bespoke) reports. 

Veenendaal has access to the history of all edits in the software and maintains a completely auditable trail.

The total of all that we do for our programme is stored in a single database. All edits can be traced and reviewed in the software. That's a huge advantage relative to Excel, which is much more sensitive to errors. We're absolutely certain now that we're not adding up the wrong numbers."
Anne Westhof, programme manager

Currently, most of our clients - just like Veenendaal - prefer flexible bespoke reporting through Excel templates in the Bizaline software.

The costs of this application start at €1200 per year.



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