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Strategic Execution at Vesteda

Casestudy: Vesteda

Five years ago we were approached by Vesteda - a major Dutch residential property investor in the middle income segment - with the question whether we could help them structure their Corporate Sustainability & Social Responsibility Plan. They were looking for a guideline that would support the realisation of their progressive ambitions surrounding sustainability, social entrepreneurship and governance.

Bizaline started by creating a Goal Tree: we represented Vesteda's approach schematically on a single page. In collaboration with Vesteda, the ambitions were concretised through a number of new KPIs. All initiatives were linked to one of the themes Environment, Social or Governance. Through this process, it became obvious at a glance where goals remained without projects, or vice versa. And whether the right KPIs were activated to monitor the project results and progress.

What we delivered:

  • Doelenboom
  • KPI-tree
  • Review of initiatives
  • An attractively worded ambition and vision
  • CSSR annual report

Since our first commission for Vesteda, Bizaline has contributed every year to the further detailing of the Goal Tree and a review of the initiatives and KPIs. It's been wonderful to see that we've been able to to take huge steps together with Vesteda: since 2018 our client has achieved the maximum five stars according to the GRESB standard and the company's sustainability results have been in the global top 20%.



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