Contract Management with Bizaline

All about the Contract Management features of Bizaline Software.

1. Access to bid texts and plans

Once the bid has been evaluated, the contract proceeds to a new phase and the focus shifts to delivery. The nature of the work concerns implementation monitoring, project management and meetings. As a contract manager, it helps when you can quickly access relevant parts of the bid text when discussing a certain project. The software provides a direct link from Projects and Requirements to the bespoke bid texts. This feature may also be of use when monitoring other plans (such as Marketing or Sustainability during the contract period).

2. Managing e-mails

Managing emails is an important task. After all, it is one of the most common forms of communication. Emails may contain requests, complaints, attachments and other kind of information that may be of importance for the organization. Meanwhile, the sheer volume of email traffic makes it necessary to process the emails in an efficient and traceable manner. That's why we designed the Bizaline Software to help your organization do just that.

3. Monitoring KPIs

The bid often contains numerous quantitative commitments, which are in practice hard to keep track of during the contract period. Typically, these KPIs fall in areas like sustainability and HR. This is the case because they largely fall outside the core operational targets which are controlled by typical heavyweight ERP systems, BI dashboards or financial controls. A clear overview in a digital dashboard ensures a smooth transition from the bid team to the implementation and operation.

4. Managing contract mutations

Mutations are common occurrences in long-term service contracts. Bizaline software allows you to register these changes in a uniform and traceable way, by following these steps:

  • Description of the desired mutation wijziging (what and why?)
  • Project plan for the implementation of the mutation: time/money/quality/information/organisation. This can vary from very simple to very complex.
  • Overview of the underlying decision making
  • Justification (within own organisation & to stakeholders)

Building on these elements, Bizaline software creates a detailed file for each mutation. Because all steps are carefully documented, the chance of diverging expectations and visions is greatly reduced.

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