Five reasons why every company should have an Objective Breakdown

Change management: the term is inescapable today. And not without reason. Our organizations are smack in the middle of a turbulent digital revolution. Those who fail to manage that transition could disappear very rapidly. On the other hand, those organizations that succeed today might well become the leaders of the future.

In this context, seizing the opportunities that technological change is bringing to society is core to the success of any organization. And to do so, a clear and cohesive strategy is indispensable. Too often, however, "strategy" is communicated to the work floor in thick PowerPoint presentations that leave everyone involved in a state of concussion. Even when the strategy sounds good, it's not always clear why it is important and how it translates into concrete actions. In short, there is frequently a massive gap between the strategy in theory and the actual transition path. 

Even when the strategy sounds good, it's not always clear why it is important and how it translates into concrete actions

Bizaline software resolves this problem by mapping your strategic goals and projects in an OGSM “Goal Tree”: an overview diagram that reveals the coherence between your organisation’s vision, goals, strategies, projects, and KPIs. As a result, the contribution of each programme and project to your strategic goals can be visualised at a glance.

With Bizaline's goal tree, you can:

  • Generate a clear and visually attractive overview of your goals, strategies, programmes and projects
  • Understand and communicate the contribution of each project and programme to the organisation's ambitions
  • Do some spring cleaning for your organisation: what are all of the things we're doing, and what do these efforts result in? Identify and abandon underperforming projects, while shifting focus to the most effective ones
  • Use the easy drag-drop system to help restructure and streamline your organisation: underlying databases will migrate automatically.
  • Download and print your goal tree in PDF form alongside a single-A4 progress report on all currently running projects.

Let's take a look at the five ways in which an Objective Breakdown can help your organisation manage its transition today:

1. Produce a coherent roadmap towards the realization of your vision

Almost every organisation today has some kind of vision or mission statement. These statements, however, are frequently at risk of remaining vague and indeterminate. A vision should not just be some abstract feel-good story: it should be connected to a coherent and realistic set of strategies. An Objective Breakdown helps you translate your vision into actionable goals and sets your organisation in motion.

2. Enforcing concreteness

Financial objectives are easily quantifiable and the extent to which they are delivered is relatively straightforward to monitor. But this is decidedly less true for objectives concerning, for example, CSR or employee wellbeing. An cascaded Objective Breakdown forces you to think through your goals in terms of measurable and realizable efforts, ensuring that you'll deliver something tangible at the end of the road.

A cascaded Objective Breakdown forces you to think through your goals in terms of measurable and realizable efforts

3. Motivate your team

Especially in large organizations, silo thinking is an epidemic problem: people have a difficult time keeping track of the larger picture and tend to believe the interests of their department or team are reflective of the interests of the whole organization. At best, this is just inefficient. The ideal situation is described in the famous story, in which the US President John F. Kennedy asked a janitor at NASA Headquarters what their role in the organization was - only to be answered: "I'm helping put a man on the moon." An Objective Breakdown can have that precise effect: to make it clear to everyone in an organisation how their individual efforts contribute to the vision, and strengthen their motivation accordingly.

Make it clear to everyone in an organisation  how their individual efforts contribute to the vision, and strenghten their motivation accordingly

4. Instill confidence in your shareholders

An Objective Breakdown is an excellent tool in order to conduct discussions about a organisation's strategy and its future: it instantly cuts to the core of the issues. Furthermore, an Objective Breakdown demonstrates control of a organisation's direction, shows that resources are effectively channeled towards objectives, and offers everyone involved the requisite confidence in a coherent strategic direction.

5. It's quick!

While Objective Breakdowns can cover a great deal of ground, from the organizational vision down to individual projects, an experienced team can produce a good breakdown in a single day. Any holes in your strategy - projects unlinked to goals, any strategies lacking clear measures of their success - will float to the surface and can be immediately and effectively addressed.

Any holes in your strategy will float to the surface and can be immediately and effectively addressed

Bonus: Going for gold

In this era of rapid change and market volatility, the time where a yearly business planning round would suffice for success and stability might well be permanently behind us. Accordingly, Objective Breakdowns should be approached in a similarly dynamic way. Bizaline has moved beyond the plan-on-a-page style of Objective Breakdowns and has migrated towards a database-driven solution, allowing companies to continuously update the status of their Objective Breakdown. This means that your progress in realizing objectives can be updated in real-time - and any new projects can easily be plugged into the business plan even halfway through the year. Using a dynamic Objective Breakdown allows your organisation to increase its agility and respond more dynamically to competitors' moves. That way, your business doesn't just stay alive, but is able to proactively go for the gold.

Sound interesting? Please share your strategic management challenges with us so that we can write about it or weave it into our software. Contact us at with your suggetions or for more information. We're always happy to meet new people and share our vision, and we'd be happy to discuss how we might help your business succeed.


Antoinette Wieman

Managing Partner


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