Programme management at Connexxion – A case study

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“When we first started using Bizaline, my team was dealing with a uniquely complex programme with many stakeholders to manage. There was a lot of pressure, because timely delivery was essential. All locations were required to consistently report status updates, so the board could make the appropriate choices.

At first I was hesitant to get started with the software. The programme was already running and I was afraid we’d incur delays if people needed to learn how to use the software. However, it turned out to be easy to use and Bizaline’s team helped us quickly upload our existing progress reports into the software. Once it was all in one place, I felt a tremendous relief. Everyone involved in the programme could now easily provide status updates themselves. At last, the progress reports started to come in regularly. I’m now able to lead the team much more proactively and intervene when any of the projects needs my support. Thanks to the Bizaline software we now have a clear management framework for the
programme, an up-to-date risk and issue register with owners, and board meeting decisions are logged. We know exactly where we stand. OK, reporting takes time – but the software guides us to do it in a much more structured way than before. I would recommend the Bizaline software to programme managers who want more peace of mind, because all critical information is kept in a central location.”


Maarten Vos

Programme Manager Connexxion


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