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Strategic Execution with AgileOGSM™

Do you regularly revisit your strategic plan outside of the annual budget cycle? And is your strategic execution agile enough to respond quickly to new data? If not, then it's time to adopt a strong strategic framework with clear processes, tools and trained teams. Our strategic advisors have decades of experience. We help you embed your plan in your organization and continuously improve the execution of your strategic plan. Read more.

Professional contract management

Bizaline's MyContractmanager™  SaaS-solution allows you to design a monitoring process and automate the management of your contract requirements. This way, your performance is made continually transparent to your clients and you ensure constant compliance with all requirements. MyContractmanager™ helps you realize a long-term positive partnership. Read more

Project portfolio management

For companies with a large project portfolio, it can be difficult to align  budgets and planning with the annual business cycle. Budget and planning tools are often designed to look back on past performance - but not to anticipate changes and implement timely measures. MyPortfoliomanager™ combines data from planning and budget systems with regular input from project managers. This enables your organization to make the right choices based on recent and relevant data. 

All-purpose solution

Bizaline offers an all-purpose solution for programme, contract and portfolio management

Strategic framework

Users can select their strategic framework of choice (Goal Tree, OGSM, X-matrix, etc.)

Software integration

Bizaline can also use data from other software like SAP, Cognos, MSP, Trello or

Not-for-profit discount

Not-for-profit organizations receive a discount on our software