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"The rules are getting more and more complex and I'm drowning in compliance spreadsheets. How can I minimise my risks?"

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Antoinette Wieman

Risk Management in Times of Uncertainty

How can we manage risk in these times of tremendous economic uncertainty? Read our article (in Dutch), published in the journal Pensioen Bestuur & Management, in January 2021.

Bizaline for Strategy, Governance, Risk & Compliance

New opportunities

Digitalisation is an answer to the growing regulatory complexity for pension funds and other financial institutions. This demands a culture shift with leaders, risk managers and employees. And it demands software that enables a more integrated approach to governance.

Bizaline helps organisations transition to integrated governance, so that our clients can focus on substantive decision-making and prepare for a dynamic future carrying new risks and opportunities.

The advantages of Bizaline:

  • Design an integrated approach to governance, risk management and compliance, linked to your organisation's strategic goals;
  • Improved processes and more efficient resource allocation: all information available in one secure cloud-based depository;
  • All employees and external stakeholders can provide input and KPI updates using simple, automatic e-mail forms;
  • Access to an intelligent system capable of representing complex relationships between documents, checklists and departments.
  • Completely integrated: information only needs to be entered once.
  • Automated warnings when a review is not conducted in time;
  • A real-time overview of the most recent results and compliance data, both internally and towards relevant stakeholders and regulators;
  • A central hub for documenting minutes of board and stakeholder meetings;
  • Track changes in requirements and recommendations: complete clarity on what needs to happen.

An example of costs and consecutive time

Pension fund A

Pension fund A has an invested capital of >€1 billion

  • Pension fund A has an invested capital of over a billion euros
  • They chose for 15 software-users, with monthly costs of €359
  • A few adjustments were made to the platform
  • The consecutive time of the implementation and training was 10 weeks
  • The costs of the adjustments and the training for using the software were €12,000,-
  • Pension fund A uses the software for periodical updates about the management measures and the risks

Pension fund B

Pension fund B has an invested capital of >€100 million

  • Pension fund B has an invested capital of over a 100 million euros
  • They chose for a simple implementation with 2 admin-users, with €160 in monthly costs
  • There were no specific adjustments made to the platform
  • The consecutive time of the implementation was 1 week
  • Pension fund B uses the software for periodical updates about the management measures

If you would like to know more or if you have any questions, send an email to info@bizaline.com

Bizaline Software

for governance, risk and compliance

Goal Tree

DNB requires pension funds to connect risks and policy. Summarise your policy in a single page OGSM or Goal Tree and translate it into clear goals, measurable KPIs and realistic projects.

Automated reporting

Send automatic status update requests, e.g. for risks and mitigating measures. Owners can submit evidence with their responses. Upload data in bulk through Excel or connect to other software with ease.

Manage risks

Generate clear, visually attractive and pragmatic risk matrixes to keep threats to your organisation's balances under control.

Stakeholders in the loop

Share information and meetings reports easily and securely with cloud-based storage. The dashboard shows which stakeholder requirements and recommendations require your attention.

Our partner

First Pensions operates as our implementation partner, helping pension funds move towards integrated risk management and reporting through our software.

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