For consultants

Bizaline for consultants offers a structured programme management approach in order to enhance your impact for your client.

"A year down the road, I paid our client a visit to see how they were faring. But in fact they hadn't done much of anything with our advice."

Every consultancy has seen it happen: you deliver a report full of recommendations for strategic changes. Your client loves it. Visions and strategies are developed: everyone is ready for the great transformation. But then.

Formulating desired changes is one thing, but execution can be hard to get a handle on. Advice is not yet a tangible roadmap. And when external bureaus are hired to change the business, they'll frequently clash with established routines, ways of thinking, and people's natural inclination to keep doing things the way they're used to. 

How can you avoid your advice is embraced but still ends up in the drawer? What can you do to help your client take their next steps and put the advice into practice?

Bizaline's software helps you translate your advice into clear roadmaps for implementation. Use Bizaline to visualise a programme, monitor its progress, and take it forward - assisting your client at a distance by keeping the implementation under control. We provide you the tools to cement your relationship and become a trusted long-term partner for your client.

Your change advice made actionable

Our software offers a platform for enterprise project portfolio management. It can be used to monitor the progress of your strategic projects, in a presentation format that can be easily adapted to a diversity of management approaches, such as OGSM, Goal Tree, Strategy Mapping, EFQM and A3. 

A generic template, built on best practices from different management methodologies, is available for those without a specific preference. The software is built on proven management practices like Agile, PRINCE2 and Kanban.

Benefits of Bizaline for consultants

 Your client is more successful through effective strategy implementation
 Long term partnership with your clients
Recurring income on software licences


We are always happy to meet with leading specialised consultants to hear their insights and incorporate them into our software.

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