Adding value to you and your organisation

What and how to ask the right questions so that you can build a successful team and achieve your goals.

Session 1

What questions to ask and how to ask them.  Getting to know the OGSM 

Session 2

Strategies and coaching your team

Session 3

Organisation agility and choosing actions that deliver results

Session 4

Cascading OGSM's and KPI's, Agile teams

Review Session

Reflecting on what you have learned and secrets to successful OGSM implementations


session 1: Strategic Execution Coaching

All assignments are for you personally. No one will ask you to share your results with others. The questions will help you to prepare for the themes covered during your next training session.

1.     What is the current annual turnover of your organization?
2.     What is the overall size of the ongoing change program in your organization? (e.g. what is the total cost of the change program, versus total turnover? Or how many people are involved in the change program relative to the total number of staff in your organization?) 
3.     What does your organization/ department do to enhance its change management capabilities? What percentage of the total turnover is invested in this?