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Bid & Tender Management for service contracts

"How do I write a winning bid?"

What we do

Strategic support

What are our strategic strengths as a candidate for the contract? What is the client looking for, and how can we best answer their needs? Using the OGSM-method, Bizaline helps you formulate the clear and convincing answers that lead to a successful bid. Together, we'll develop a strategic plan that helps your organization excel on the evaluation criteria.

RADAR trainings and bid writing

The EFQM RADAR method is gaining in popularity among clients as a tool to evaluate bids. How can you use this method and apply it to the structure of your bid? And how do you write effective bid text in accordance with RADAR? Bizaline offers RADAR writing trainings and helps with the production and editing of high-quality content for your bid.  

Bid reviews and process management

Important tender approaching? Bizaline helps you prepare with a comprehensive review of your previous bid(s), and we'll develop a process for the new bid that fits your organization. We'll prepare for the bid with practical tool kits and hands-on workshops - delivering a step change to your organization's bid & tender capacities. 

The EFQM RADAR method

RADAR is the evaluation and bid management method developed in accordance with the standards of the European Foundation for Quality Management. The method was developed to realize a unified and consistent approach to writing and evaluating bids. The RADAR method rewards a high degree of strategic coherence between initiatives, as well as attention to monitoring and continuous improvement of results. Because RADAR makes it easier to objectively evaluate bids and because the method yields long-term improvements within contract relationships, the method is gaining in popularity with tendering governments and companies across the EU.

Bizaline's consultants and writers have many years of experience using and applying the EFQM RADAR method. We support companies in various industries, including public transport, engineering, facility management and IT, in writing RADAR-compliant bids and strengthening their RADAR capacities through our trainings and writing coaching program.

Interested? Don't hestitate to send us an e-mail at info@bizaline.com.

Who we are

Antoinette Wieman

"My work with tenders began when I was one of the pioneers to compete on the UK market with Abellio, the international daughter company of the NS (Dutch national railways). Since that time, I gained fifteen years' experience with competitive tenders in the Netherlands and abroad. Over the last few years with my colleagues at Bizaline, we've developed a systematic approach that delivers structural improvements in the quality of our clients' bids. Our approach is rooted in the RADAR method of the European Foundation for Quality Management. Recently, I've also been working more and more with clients seeking to professionalize their tender processes and contract management. Working on both sides of the public-private partnership has given me new and valuable insights in the things clients prioritize and value when they evaluate bids." 

Building Better Bids

In our book Building Better Bids: How to Win Contracts and Impress your Clients, we share our advice to write bids and win tenders. We cover the whole process from a solid preparation to the final submission, offering a wealth of information and psychological tips & tricks.