Bizaline for Service Contract Management

"How do I deliver the evaluation, implementation and management of complex service contracts?"


MyContractmanager™ is your intelligent virtual assistant for all your contract management needs. Manage your entire contract life cycle, including e-mail traffic, meetings, tasks, documents, requirements, contract changes, and automated performance updates.

How does MyContractmanager™ work?

Start with the Tender

In our workshops and trainings, Bizaline supports governments (such as municipalities, provinces and public transit authorities) in professionalizing their contract management. Together, we determine what information must be gathered through the tender, and in which data format it should be delivered.

Set up management processes

All the relevant data from the tender and the contract will be uploaded in MyContractmanager™, our SaaS solution specifically for contract management. This ensures uniform and traceable tracking of requirements and mutations, commitments, and active monitoring of performance, e.g. to measure SROI.

Automated monitoring

Automated monitoring ensures an effective and efficient implementation of improvements throughout the duration of the contract. Improve your risk management with automatic progress reports on preventative and mitigating measures in the risk matrix, so you can communicate in a timely way with administrators and stakeholders.

Quickly and easily share information with stakeholders

One online hub contains all data on planning and results

Accountability with a shared checklist of commitments

Our partner

Significant is a specialized party in the field of procurement and contract management. They provide their unique expertise to support us - and you - in managing service contracts and implementing Bizaline's software solutions.

Contract Management with Bizaline:
the advantages

Goal Tree

Visualise the coherence between your policy goals, the commitments of your contractor and measurable KPIs to ensure that promises are kept.

Automated reporting

Send automatic status update requests for initiatives, requirements and KPIs. Your operator can directly submit evidence in their response and have it uploaded into your contract portal.

Cooperate transparently

Bizaline carefully documents all agreements with your contractor and keeps notes and meeting reports available in one place. The dashboard shows which requirements from the ITT remain open to be addressed.

Your contract under control

Our clear and easy-to-use Gantt planning and project pages, combined with automated progress reports, ensure you will never be caught off guard: with Bizaline, your contract is always under control.


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