Strategic execution with AgileOGSM™ for businesses

How do I keep my strategic execution under control?

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Design, implement and monitor your AgileOGSM™

Do you regularly revisit your strategic plan outside of the annual budget cycle? And is your strategic execution agile enough to respond quickly to new data? If not, then it's time to adopt a strong strategic framework with clear processes, tools and trained teams. Our strategic advisors have decades of experience. We help you embed your plan in your organization and continuously improve the execution of your strategic plan.

Train your team in AgileOGSM™ Strategic Execution

In our OGSM & Strategic Execution Training, we'll explore all aspects of a successful strategic execution in your company or organization. In five online sessions of 90 minutes, you'll learn how to best organize the monitoring of your OGSM. We'll also look at how to keep your OGSM up to date as your strategic execution progresses, to ensure your OGSM remains relevant for a long time.

OGSM Communication

Creating a strategic plan is a good first step, but many plans quickly disappear into desk drawers and are forgotten too easily. How do you make sure your OGSM makes an impact? Bizaline helps you communicate your strategy - in writing, presentation and in visuals. That way, you won't just have a good strategic plan, but you'll also ensure your teams are fully committed to its execution.

OGSM Software

OGSM software makes your business plan on a page dynamic and actionable. Link your sprints or projects to goals and KPIs and monitor the results of your strategic execution. Base your leadership on real-time information about your organisation and all projects & sprints.

Case study: Vesteda

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Visualise your  progress towards objectives

Systematic improvements based on real-time insights

A monitoring process that fits your team and organisation

Bouter group achieves success with OGSM software

Goal tree

Visualise your program in a goal tree on a single page and show the connection between (policy) goals, KPIs and projects or sprints.

Automated monitoring

Send automatic status update requests for your goals and sprints. Upload progress information in bulk through Excel or connect to other software solutions.

Custom reports

Create your bespoke report templates using clear KPIs and save time by automating your report cycles.

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