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Move from the reporting stress of Excel towards a robust change management platform.

Which situation is most applicable?

I'm a board member

I'm a programme manager

I'm a project manager

Most important components

SWOT analysis

Construct a business plan that covers your identified strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats by designating specific projects and initiatives to address them.

Goal tree

Create a one-page business plan using proven concepts, like OGSM
linking your vision and strategies to clear quantitative goals and KPIs to create powerful strategic alignment in your business.

KPI breakdown

Generate a visual overview of your KPIs linked to each project and track your progress real-time – allowing you to cut redundant projects in a timely fashion.

Supporting components

Resource planning

Ensure the availability of staff and funding with our resource planning tools – and get automated alerts before you run into any deficiencies.

Gantt chart

A detailed programme and project planning that shows a critical path and milestones. Our Gantt can be shared with colleagues and clients with ease.

Project status update

Streamline your reporting process for budget, planning, risks and KPIs: send out reminders to project members to submit data and print out customizable report templates at the click of your mouse.

Risk matrix

Generate visually attractive and pragmatic risk matrixes that help you keep any threats to projects’ success under control.

Manage meetings

Store and easily share meeting notes, generate decision lists and allocate tasks to project members with ease.

Skills & training courses information

Build your perfect project team using Bizaline's database of skills, experience and completed trainings for all staff.

Online documents storage

Keep all the information you need in one place and limit transparency with customizable permissions options.


Organize your daily planning, let your team know what you’re working on, and easily assign review or support tasks to your team.

Level of maturity

Ensure your project is fully monitored from every angle and compliant with all requirements.

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