Bizaline for Strategy & Programme Management

How do I keep my strategic execution under control?

Reach your goals

Our experienced consultants help you professionalise your strategic execution. Together, we will clarify your goals and select the best KPIs to track your progress. While executing your strategy, you will receive real-time feedback at every step: are you on track to realise your goals?

Become Agile

Agile, Scrum, self-management: successful organisations around the world are adopting new and innovative approaches. But big changes take time and practice. Bizaline offers training and bespoke software to help your organisation succeed.

Stay in control

Without accurate and up-to-date information, it becomes impossible for leaders to decisively respond to challenges. Bizaline offers bespoke automated reporting through a simple e-mail prompt, saving everyone time and ensuring accurate and timely reporting.

Visualise your planned and realised progress towards objectives

Systematically improve your execution of projects and epics

A monitoring process that fits your team and organisation

Bizaline Software

for strategy and programme management

Goal tree

Visualise your program in a goal tree on a single page and show the connection between (policy) goals, KPIs and projects or sprints.

Automated monitoring

Send automatic status update requests for your goals and sprints. Upload progress information in bulk through Excel or connect to other software solutions.

Custom reports

Create your bespoke report templates using clear KPIs and save time by automating your report cycles.

Work smarter, not harder

Our software offers all the time-saving tools you need to work efficiently and effectively.